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Heroin Anonymous Conference

2021 Conference and Referrals

The purpose of a Conference is to help all Areas around the world stay informed of the business of H.A. as well as share information from their Areas. This is all done in the spirit of unity in order to support a true group conscience for H.A., ensuring the longevity and integrity of the Fellowship as a whole.


2021 Conference Registration


Register now for the 2021 HA World Conference in Atlanta, GA! If you register at least 30 days before the conference the registration fee is $40. Within 30 days of the conference the fee is $45. If you are a delegate, or alternate delegate, please click the “Delegate Registration” button below. For all other registrations, please click the “Regular Registration” button below.



Delegate Registration                               Regular Registration


The 2021 HA World Conference is being held starting the morning of August 25th and August 26th at the Atlanta Airport Marriot in Atlanta, GA. Please use the link below to make your hotel reservation:


Please click the button below to submit your ideas and suggestions to the conference. All submissions must be made at least 6 months prior to the conference in order to be considered. Submissions received after that deadline will be considered for the following years conference.

Submit Referral

Conference-Approved Material