Heroin Anonymous World Services | Convention
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Heroin Anonymous World Convention

2020 Convention

Coming in 2020 is an HA extravaganza you will not want to miss in the beautiful city known for peach trees and sweet teas.

Atlanta is honored to host the 3rd EVER HA World Convention!

HA Groups from all around the world will be coming together to celebrate this amazing fellowship and what it has done for our lives!!

Hope y’all are fueled up because it is gonna be a blast!

Come out so we may treat you with our sweet southern hospitalitea and join us in our theme of Cleaning Up The Dirty South!

Convention Registration

Hotel Registration

Any nearby regions wanting to join in the fundraising festivities and events,

please contact the convention chair at convention@georgiaha.org and

check out our Area website at www.georgiaha.org for a local calendar of events and meetings.

Every H.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.  Member contributions can be made using Paypal as well below.

2018 Convention

The second HA World Convention was held August 31 – September 2nd in Portland, OR.

Here are some of the recorded convention speakers.


Tabitha A.


Chris S.

Eric O.

2014 Convention

The first HA World convention, held August 8-10, 2014, was a huge success and an enormous step for the fellowship. Here are some of the recorded convention events.


Gilbert M.

Kelly S.

Ken C.

Singleness of Purpose Workshop