Heroin Anonymous World Services | Pamphlet- What Is A Home Group
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When we found ourselves being directed towards the fellowship of Heroin Anonymous a common piece of advice we received was to join a home group. Many of us had no idea what a home group is or why we should join one. In the end, we have found being part of a home group to be one of our most beneficial and rewarding experiences.


A home group is a group that we have made the commitment to regularly attend and provide service to when needed. When you find a meeting that you feel comfortable with and can make it to on a regular basis, it is strongly suggested that you become a home group member. To become a member, just inquire with a current home group member what needs to be done for you to join.


After joining a home group, we quickly realized the benefits. For many of us, it was the first place we had in a while where we belonged and felt welcomed. We slowly began to open up and feel more comfortable in the rooms. In many cases, our fellow home group members have become our friends and great supporters in our sobriety. We have also found that by making the commitment to regularly attend the meeting, we have provided ourselves with some accountability. Sometimes when we felt too busy or too overwhelmed, our personal commitment to our home group ensured we attended a meeting and remained of service instead of staying at home.


Through our home groups, we also found many opportunities to be of service and give back to the fellowship. A meeting usually requires the help of many individuals to run efficiently week in and week out. By regularly attending business meetings we were able to obtain service positions. For many of us, our first service position was making coffee, helping set up the room, or picking up cigarette butts. Other service positions also include meeting chairperson, meeting secretary, or general service representative. All are equally important positions that help ensure the meeting is open and ready for any newcomer seeking a message of hope and sobriety.


By joining a home group we were given the opportunity to be part of something positive. Having a group of people by our side that can give us advice and help us through our hard times has been a great help to us. Our ability to be of service to any newcomers has given our life new meaning and purpose. To watch our little fellowship grow and see others gain a firm foundation in sobriety is an experience you will surely not want to miss.

Revised June 2022