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Congratulations for having the willingness to start a new H.A. meeting! Starting a meeting is one of the many ways that can help us to stay sober. Any time we are being of service, we are being helpful to others in our fellowship and to ourselves. Here are some suggestions on how to get this started – First – Find a location. Next pick a day and time for your meeting. Pick a start date. This is generally 4 to 6 weeks out. To announce it 4 weeks in advance will keep it fresh in people’s minds. If you announce your meeting more than 6 weeks out, people will forget about it. Picking a date less than 4 weeks does not give people opportunity to make time for your meeting.

Make a flier for your meeting. The HA logo can be obtained from HA World Services.

Here are some of the ways to distribute your fliers –

  • Contact local Half-way Houses. Most of them have bulletin boards for fliers.
  • Contact Treatment Centers of Hospitals. Inform the staff of your upcoming meeting.
  • Many AA meeting halls have bulletin boards where they allow non-AA announcements. Gain permission from the staff at these facilities.
  • Contact your friends in the other 12 Step Fellowships. Ask them if they know of any heroin addicts. Always keep fliers in your vehicle so fliers can be distributed regularly.
  • Contact your local Churches. Let them know you are here. Many do not know that H.A. exists.
  • Inform your local AA Intergroup office. Give them your contact information in case someone calls asking for help with their heroin addiction.
  • Obtain a Start Up Kit. These kits are free of charge from HA World Services.

It does not matter how many people show up for the meeting; even if no one comes, we are being of service. We must stay for the entire hour in the event a suffering heroin addict walks through the door. Keep in mind meetings are not popularity contests.

Once you have your meeting location, time and day established, contact HA World Services on our web site so your meeting can be posted for others to see.