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For the Press

The following is a request for media outlets to observe our 11th tradition which preserves our anonymity:

We request that media outlets who are reporting on HA as a whole, to help us in observing our 11th tradition, which states: “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films.”

Like other 12 Step fellowships, the name Heroin Anonymous has gained widespread distribution thanks to media outlets such as magazines, newspapers, and television reports. This has enabled many suffering heroin addicts to find a solution to their debilitating illness. For that, we thank you.
In order to continue our success, we do our best to operate using the 12 Traditions of Heroin Anonymous. The 11th tradition, stated above, calls for HA members to maintain their anonymity regarding media publicity. Many newer HA members are tempted to disregard this tradition hoping that sharing their story at the public level will save many lives of other addicts who are still suffering. However, after learning from our own hardships as well as others’, we have found that maintaining our anonymity is of grave importance to our sobriety. First, by observing this tradition, we hope to give any newcomer the ability to be a member of our fellowship without the threat of tarnishing their reputation. Second, and perhaps more importantly, our experience has shown us that when we maintain our anonymity, we also maintain our humility. Much of our addiction revolved around egotism, and when we leave behind our grandiose desire for popularity, we can sit amongst our fellowship as an equal. We do not, however, turn away a good opportunity to share our experience with the media anonymously. When publishing content, we ask that the media: (a) use an HA member’s first name and last initial, and (b) does not show the face of any HA member whether photographed or filmed.
Thank you again for your interest with our fellowship. Your support strongly affects the lives of HA members, both current and future!
Heroin Anonymous World Services

You can download this document here: For the Press