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As heroin addicts, we tend to isolate and feel like we don’t fit in anywhere. We have difficulty relating to others. When using, it gave us a sense of belonging to something. That feeling generally disappears when we stopped using and we end up feeling empty.
By going to meetings on a regular basis, we find others who understand what we are going through. Seeing other heroin addicts who have recovered that we can relate to, can be a fresh start for us.
As we continue to go to meetings we discover that we are most comfortable in a particular meeting. Feeling at home there, we can join that group and commit to attending it on a regular basis. The term “home group” comes from this experience. This enables us to get to know others and for them to get to know us.
By joining a home group, we can get support and guidance when we are having a tough day. This is where we discover that there truly are others who understand and that we are not alone. We begin to feel connected to others in a way we never experienced before.
As a home group member, we find that there are many ways for us to get connected to others and feel a part of something. We can make the coffee or be a door greeter. Or we can read the literature for the meeting and be there when the new person walks in for the first time. No matter how long you have been sober, there is always something you can do to be of service to your home group.
Most of us never had a sense of belonging and part of something that was significant. For the first time in our lives we were having this experience. By attending a home group on a consistent basis and seeing the same people week after week stay sober, we begin to have hope that maybe we too can stay sober. When we see these same people every week, we begin to develop a sense of belonging in our sobriety.
There are many benefits to belonging to a home group. We can hear helpful tips on how to apply the Steps in our lives and it can be an important part of our journey in sobriety that can help us to stay sober. By getting involved in our home group we will experience more and more hope and we will see that it is a reality that heroin addicts do lead productive lives in recovery and that we are a part of it.