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1. Do you isolate when using heroin?
2. Have you ever used more heroin than you planned?
3. Has your heroin usage interfered with your job or school?
4. Do you find yourself concealing your heroin usage from others?
5. Are you experiencing financial difficulties due to your heroin usage?
6. Has your heroin usage caused problems with your partner/spouse or family?
7. Do you wish you could stop using heroin and find that you are unable to quit?
8. Have you experienced legal difficulties from your heroin usage and yet you continue to use?
9. Do you consume the entire amount of heroin you have and then immediately desire to get more?
10. Have you failed to cut down or quit heroin entirely?
11. Do you wish you had never taken that first hit, line, or injection of heroin?
12. Have you continued to use heroin even after you experienced an overdose?
13. Do you fear other people will find out about your heroin usage?
14. Are you preoccupied with getting heroin when you do not have it?
15. Do you have to use larger amounts of heroin to get the same high you once experienced?
16. Has anyone ever told you that you may have a problem?
17. Have you ever lied or misled those around you about how much or how often you use heroin?
18. Do you use heroin at work or in the bathroom in public facilities?
19. Have you ever pawned something in order to buy heroin?
20. Are you afraid that if you stop using heroin that you will not be able to function?
21. Do you find yourself doing things that you are ashamed of in order to purchase heroin?
22. Have you ever stolen drugs or money from family or friends in order to buy heroin?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions,
you may have a problem with heroin.
You are the only person who can decide if you are a heroin addict. No one else can make that decision.
All of us in Heroin Anonymous at some point had to face the fact that we were no longer controlling our heroin usage and that it was destroying our lives. We had to admit that we were heroin addicts and that we needed help. There is a solution. Consider going to some Heroin Anonymous Meetings. There are others who understand what you are experiencing. Hope is available. Other sober heroin addicts are here to help. You do not have to live like this anymore.