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Chairing Hospital and Institution meetings is one of the most effective ways of reaching heroin addicts who do not have access to our fellowship and our meetings.
Many of our members are sober today because they received the message of Heroin Anonymous in a treatment facility, hospital or institution.
When chairing these meetings, it is essential that we give a positive impression of Heroin Anonymous. We want these facilities and their staff to think highly of our fellowship. By being responsible and respectful in the way we conduct ourselves, we have the opportunity to reach more heroin addicts.
All of us in our fellowship are a reflection of H.A. when we are in public. It is important we be mindful of how we conduct ourselves.
When chairing these meetings, not only are we reaching more heroin addicts, but we are given the opportunity to be of service. This in turn helps us to stay sober.
Here are some guidelines to consider when chairing an H & I meeting:
• H & I meetings generally consist of a panel of 3 to 5 people.
• Avoid the use of profanity.
• All panel members should be H.A. members.
• Promptly return calls from staff of the facility.
• Deliver a message of hope with enthusiasm.
• Be on time – being late leaves a negative impression.
• Have backup members available in the event a panel member (s) cannot attend the meeting.
• No romantic involvement with staff, patients or residents of the facility.
• Wear appropriate dress – No drug, alcohol or profanity on clothing – Avoid provocative or revealing clothing.
• Follow all of the rules of the facility. Be respectful of staff, residents and patients.
• Service work is about commitment and consistency.
Heroin Anonymous Preamble
Heroin Anonymous is a fellowship of
men and women who share their
experience, strength and hope with each
other that they may solve their
common problem and help others to
recover from heroin addiction.
The only requirement for membership is
a desire to stop suffering from
heroin addiction.
There are no dues or fees for HA
membership; we are self-supporting
through our own contributions.
HA is not allied with any sect,
denomination, politics, organization or
institution; does not engage in any
controversy, neither endorses nor
opposes any causes.
Our primary purpose is to stay sober and
help other heroin addicts to
achieve sobriety.