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Maintaining a service position in our home group helps us stay sober and promotes unity within the group. By participating in one of these positions, it enables us to get out of ourselves and be helpful to others. Members who are active in service work seem to have more stability in recovery compared to those who don’t participate. It also helps us to get to know other members and allows them to know us. Being of service gives us a sense of connection and belonging. Most heroin addicts do not have a sense of belonging because of our lifestyle when using. It is common to hear members comment on how they have experienced purpose and meaning by being useful to the fellowship. One of the purposes of service positions is to get as many people as possible involved in the group. By getting involved we are part of a team effort to help the suffering heroin addict when they walk through the door. Here are some of the positions groups tend to have – ‘Chairperson’ – This person is responsible for leading the meeting and making sure the meeting starts and finishes on time and for maintaining the meeting format. Another responsibility is to select members to read the various readings and obtain speakers for the meeting. This position will rotate among members in order to involve everyone. ‘Co-Chairperson’ – This individual is responsible for filling in for the Chairperson in the event they are absent. ‘Secretary’ – This person will make announcements on local events, maintain the home group list, and records home group minutes. ‘Treasurer’ – This person is responsible for the money collected from the 7 th Tradition and for paying rent to the facility where the meeting is held. ‘Coffee Maker’ – This person is responsible for making coffee or preparing other beverages that the group provides. ‘Donut Person’ – This person is responsible for picking up donuts or other snacks that the group provides. ‘Door Greeter’ – This person or persons is responsible for standing at the door to greet everyone as they enter the meeting. ‘Intergroup Representative’ – This person will attend Intergroup meetings to represent their group. Each group has a vote on major issues that affects the fellowship as a whole and your Intergroup representative carries your group’s vote. This person is also responsible for taking donations to Intergroup and purchasing chips and literature. ‘Set-up Crew’ – Some meetings have to set up chairs for the meeting. These persons are responsible for setting up and putting away the chairs or tables for the meeting. ‘Trash Crew’ – These persons are responsible for cleaning up the facility where the meeting is held. ‘Clean-up Crew’ – If your meeting serves coffee or other beverages, these persons are responsible for cleaning up the coffee pot or other containers used in the meeting. ‘Welcome Committee’ – This consists of several people selected to go up to all newcomers and visitors to welcome them. They also have the responsibility to welcome anyone they do not know. ‘Readers’ – These people are selected to read the various readings used in our meetings. This is typically done in a rotating manner as designated by the chairperson. One of the best ways to be of service is to volunteer. When you arrive at your meeting, ask if there is anything you can do to help. Find out if your group has service positions available. Those that tend to do best in recovery are those that arrive early for the meeting in order to help and welcome any new people and stay for socializing after the meeting.